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Random Files


This article presents a list of random files, likely sourced from temporary scratch space that have endured and lasted the test of time and taste.

If you were previously accessing a from from an obviously temporary or scratch location, it may well be in this list now.

The Files

File Name
Date Modified
File Size (KBytes)
lol16.png29.07.2008 06:580.94KB
libretto3.jpg09.09.2008 02:1242.42KB
indiana.jpg08.05.2009 03:43157.89KB
5dtest1024.jpg02.03.2009 04:26100.54KB
libretto.jpg07.09.2008 12:38360.8KB
coffeetablesunrays.jpg06.09.2008 16:20436.91KB
whinge.png29.08.2007 10:06135.99KB
order-yellow.jpg27.02.2009 00:51116.54KB
ofwsong.au09.05.2007 11:18272.38KB
crappychurch.jpg29.07.2009 15:01115.5KB
chris800.jpg09.10.2008 11:4763.57KB
fails.jpg27.05.2008 09:18128.46KB
escargot_nom.jpg11.05.2008 09:0590.5KB
librettox.jpg07.09.2008 12:43319.4KB
desk1.jpg25.07.2008 11:47140.59KB
order-silver.jpg27.02.2009 01:14117.58KB
steps-100.jpg30.07.2009 13:421592.61KB
shoes.jpg26.12.2008 01:3199.2KB
opensolaris-logo-v2.jpg06.05.2008 06:2888.3KB
elinks1.png23.08.2007 12:1156.28KB
koch2.pdf29.07.2009 15:1326.92KB
mcbofhmacro800.jpg29.09.2008 02:24324.62KB
one_third.jpg19.05.2008 04:3581.4KB

Tracking Notes

  • PCOWscratch001
  • PCOWscratch002
  • PCOWscratch003
  • /scratch