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Trump stokes 'birther' theory about Kamala Harris

14 August 2020, by The US president fuels a fringe idea, echoing his past baseless claims about Barack Obama's origins.

France to be added to UK quarantine countries

14 August 2020, by People returning from the Netherlands and Malta from Saturday will also have to self-isolate.

Fewer hospital patients in Covid-19 hotspots

13 August 2020, by Hospital admissions are not rising despite increases in coronavirus cases, according to NHS England data.

Free school meals 'should be extended' for pupils from low-income migrant families

13 August 2020, by Pupils from low-income migrant families should keep getting government support, say charities.

The Papers: Results "fiasco" and new UK quarantine for France

13 August 2020, by Many of Friday's papers lead on reaction to A-level results and calls for the system to be reviewed.