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PCOW Packages


A small set of assorted packages, probably for Solaris.

PCOWtools lives here.

Legacy Text

A SPARCv9 build of Pari is a - this is US-III optimized.

File List

File Name
Date Modified
File Size (KBytes)
PCOWtools.tar.gz09.12.2023 16:19119923.84KB
PCOWtools-from-v880-final.tar.gz07.05.2013 10:5180953.62KB
PCOWmtx.tar24.08.2007 05:13388.5KB
PCOWbind9.tar03.09.2007 10:4046576.5KB
PCOWfprobe.tar07.09.2008 07:28529.5KB
PCOWiperf.tar22.04.2008 08:47188KB
PCOWexim.tar30.08.2007 13:204345KB
PCOWpureftpd.tar29.09.2007 11:24828.5KB
PCOWpari.tar.gz11.01.2009 12:253205.84KB