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Welcome to is in a state of change. is always in a state of change. At least, the web content isn't exactly nailed down to tight specifications. Change is good.

Our Mascot
Our Mascot

The most recent change is permitting the search engines to take a peek at the web content. Exciting stuff. We'll see how that pans. It can be somewhat boggling to see how hard Cuil tries to index content.

Services and Content

You may find the mexico pastebin here, and the mexico local version of Goosh here.

The mexico site at provides a range of odd services and resources. Most of these are not located at any web instance yet.

A variety of small content is hosted here, including some picture Galleries and PCOWtools.

The default MW main page text can be found at Original Blah.

Our Mascot, again!
Our Mascot, again!

Want to add content? Sure thing. Just ask for a login by email or on IRC.

This link can help you find content around here: List of Categories or Recent Changes

Some Quicklinks for Keyboardless Browsers

File Repos

The following pages will take you to file lists.

Random Files

PCOW Packages


Yes, we had an unscheduled outage on the evening the 6th of June, 2009. It doesn't tend to happen very often, but one can never trust machines, right?

Comments and Contact

If you can't work out where to send comments or content requests or anything else, there's a problem that can't be solved very easily. Work on it.


Yes, the theme was based on the Blender theme. If you require the source, it's still available at or you can email and ask for it. No real changes, just new graphics - and they're not GPL.


Crawlers looking for target email addresses should send their canned wares to: